The Results of the August Triple Decker Challenge:

August has past and it is now time to access how I have done on my August challenges! I didn’t think that the triple decker challenge really sounded that hard until I did it, hehe. Although I don’t think I completed a single challenge completely, I did learn a lot and get more done than if I hadn’t done anything.

August Triple Decker Challenge:

Running Challenge:

I didn’t make my goal but I did end up working out more as a result:) I do look a little more toned which is a plus but am still embarrassingly slow…sounds like I will have plenty more room for improvement this upcoming semester!

Writing Challenge:

The good news is that I actually got two of my short stories out! I had never submitted anything before so that was great (and I learned a lot) but I didn’t submit any more after that. I will have to work on getting more out in the future, especially now that I know a little more about the process:)

Reading Challenge:

Um, I said I wanted to read a five substantial books. I meant that I would read through classic novels but I ended up reading classic short stories which I guess sort of counts, especially now that I am starting to write more short stories.

I read George Macdonalds’ “Letter to American Boys” which I really enjoyed! He inspired C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien and Chesterton-how could I not like him?

I also read “Revelation” by Flannery O’Connor. It was definitely pretty heavy, not something I could run through, so at some point I should probably go back and try to figure out what the story was all about.

Those are the most classical books I read. I read a lot of excerpts but…had my normal problem of not actually getting to the end of them! After that I read Endlessly- YA fiction. I think my writing style is suffering because of that read. Still, I pulled some interesting character ideas from it and picked out a few “what not to do” for my own writing and it was a rather interesting book!

I am also almost done with My Beloved. It is a story about a carmelite nun in NY, not your typical story! But really good when I make myself read it:)

Anyone else read these? Any short stories suggestions? I realized that reading short stories works really well for work breaks and things like that:)

Hope everyone did well on whatever summer goals that they had, AND I hope that your summer was absolutely incredible all round!:D


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