Hey, That’s Not Fair!

Who gets sick in the middle of summer? Really?? Why life? Why? I work all day, I don’t want to be sniffling during that. And this is the end of my summer. I don’t want to be sniffling during the last days with my friends either.

And worst of all: what about my running?? I had such happy little goals and now life is throwing me a punch!

Why am I complaining??

This would be the part of the movie where I get out of bed in slow motion and run hard on the treadmill even though I’m sick. You’d see me at the very end of my work outs, tanned and sweating but going faster than I was at the beginning of the montage. Don’t you ever wish you could have the montage version of your own life? Because I have. Definitely. I’d like to skip those yucky in-between moments just like the directors of movies do and just get the results.


Forget about fair, it’s real life! Here’s to in-between moments!! The ones that suck   get you real results and build character.

“It’s not about what you can and can’t do, it’s about what you will and won’t do.” Kenichi



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