Triple Decker Challenge!!:)

Are you a runner, writer, or reader?

I have  a challenge which you may want to read about or participate in:)

Here’s the main idea: Summer is waning fast and I want to make the most of the month I have. I have a three part challenge for August:

1. Running Challenge:

I hate to admit this but…I run really slowly! It takes me 40 minutes to run 3 miles! Erk:P My challenge is to be able to run 3 miles in less than 30 minutes by the end of August.

2. Writing Challenge:

August is the month when a lot of fantasy and science fiction magazines start to accept things so I am going to try to get 5 short stories sent out to various magazines by the end of August.

3. Reading Challenge:

This is a bonus challenge. I am not going to be quite as serious about this one but if I do get it done, that would be great! I want to read 5 substantial books by the end of the month. My problem is that I have about 13 books right now that I am reading simultaneously and I just don’t seem to read any one of them quite enough to actually finish. So I would like to try to finish at least 5 by the end of summer.

There you have it, my triple decker challenge:)

Thoughts? Challenges you have for the summer? Goals or struggles? Comment Below:)


7 thoughts on “Triple Decker Challenge!!:)

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  3. Instead of trying to read 5 books, why not make your goal to finish one book – and then if you have time – finish a second book and so on.

  4. When it comes to running – if you want to run faster – pretend that you have a wild animal chasing you. I remember running faster when I encountered a skunk. Actually I shouldn’t say running, cuz I was really jogging, but that night I ran 6 miles in one hour. Of course that was 20 years ago and now I only walk.

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