I have submitted two stories to separate magazines…and got rejected twice! Darn it!

They have given me a tidbit of feedback:

“Thank you for submitting “Her Scarf, My Shield” to this magazine. It was well received here, but after some thought we have decided not to accept it for publication.”


“Thanks for submitting “Copper Eyes,” but I’m going to pass on it. It didn’t quite work for me, I’m afraid. Best of luck to you placing this one elsewhere, and thanks again for sending it my way.”

Slightly vague about what I’m doing wrong? I think yes! The feeling I’m getting is that I am almost good enough but don’t quite make the cut. Why? What can I learn from this?

1. Writing for magazines are like writing essays for college scholarships. It’s unlikely that you’ll actually get anything back but sometimes you do it anyways. The difference is that the actual writing process is rewarding when you are writing short stories and it isn’t as fun while writing essays.

2. I need to make sure that I read a few of the magazine’s stories first. If my story didn’t work for the editor, I probably have made the classic mistake of submitting to a magazine that I don’t read through first. Yikes! That’s pretty newbie, isn’t it? I’ll try not to make that mistake again!

3. I can learn how to accept rejection and move on. If I’m going to be a writer, I need to get tough right? It takes talent and a LOT of determination. I better start working on the determination part:)

Any other tips from writer who have done this sort of thing before would be HIGHLY appreciated!! Please comment:)

And back to writing!:)


LIghtspeed Submission

Yay!!!!! Submission #2, is complete and I am that much closer to my goals😀

This time I submitted my story “Copper Eyes” to a magazine called Lightspeed. They said that they would get back to me in a couple of days (if they are going to reject me) or a couple of weeks (if they seriously consider me). I haven’t heard from them yet so that makes me happy!:)

Some things you would probably like to know about Lightspeed if you are also trying to get published is that they pay 5 cents a word and like short stories. They also have some great writers submission guidelines if this is your first time and they get back to you pretty quickly compared to other magazines that I have seen! They like original fantasy and science fiction and they seem pretty cool so you should check their stuff out!

Hey, That’s Not Fair!

Who gets sick in the middle of summer? Really?? Why life? Why? I work all day, I don’t want to be sniffling during that. And this is the end of my summer. I don’t want to be sniffling during the last days with my friends either.

And worst of all: what about my running?? I had such happy little goals and now life is throwing me a punch!

Why am I complaining??

This would be the part of the movie where I get out of bed in slow motion and run hard on the treadmill even though I’m sick. You’d see me at the very end of my work outs, tanned and sweating but going faster than I was at the beginning of the montage. Don’t you ever wish you could have the montage version of your own life? Because I have. Definitely. I’d like to skip those yucky in-between moments just like the directors of movies do and just get the results.


Forget about fair, it’s real life! Here’s to in-between moments!! The ones that suck   get you real results and build character.

“It’s not about what you can and can’t do, it’s about what you will and won’t do.” Kenichi


First Story Submission

I submitted my first story to Abyss and Apex magazine:) It was a flash fiction called “Her Scarf, My Shield” and is basically about a boy whose present from his girlfriend gets him in a lot of trouble but also may save his life. I got it under less then 1500 words which is great! Now I just have to wait three months *sigh* and then receive either $75 or rejection. One story down, four to go! Getting closer to summer goals already!

Also, I ran four miles the other day and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be…Score!!

Triple Decker Challenge!!:)

Are you a runner, writer, or reader?

I have  a challenge which you may want to read about or participate in:)

Here’s the main idea: Summer is waning fast and I want to make the most of the month I have. I have a three part challenge for August:

1. Running Challenge:

I hate to admit this but…I run really slowly! It takes me 40 minutes to run 3 miles! Erk:P My challenge is to be able to run 3 miles in less than 30 minutes by the end of August.

2. Writing Challenge:

August is the month when a lot of fantasy and science fiction magazines start to accept things so I am going to try to get 5 short stories sent out to various magazines by the end of August.

3. Reading Challenge:

This is a bonus challenge. I am not going to be quite as serious about this one but if I do get it done, that would be great! I want to read 5 substantial books by the end of the month. My problem is that I have about 13 books right now that I am reading simultaneously and I just don’t seem to read any one of them quite enough to actually finish. So I would like to try to finish at least 5 by the end of summer.

There you have it, my triple decker challenge:)

Thoughts? Challenges you have for the summer? Goals or struggles? Comment Below:)