Breathing Again

There is that horrible sound of the IV steadily releasing spurts of desperately needed antibiotics and fluids. My sister went 12 days with a ruptured before she went to the ER and the doctor almost didn’t even catch it then. Then we went through a week of her being in the hospital. That was also rough. I really should’t complain because I wasn’t the one with the pain but we are pretty close and it was agonizing to be constantly hearing updates about how much pain she was in and what kind of awful procedure was needed next.

Enough venting!! I just meant to give a slight background as to where I have been since the last time I blogged. Now, I am breathing again!:) My sister is finally home and feeling and much better!

And I have started thinking once again about my blogging and writing life. School is looming in the near future (sorry to make you think about that) and I only have a little summer left to get my serious writing done. So I’ve been thinking about a challenge to make for myself over the month of August to finish out the summer the way I want:) Are you a writer? What challenges did you set for yourself over the summer? Do you want to join me in my summer ending challenge?

Stay tuned!:D


4 thoughts on “Breathing Again

  1. I am glad to hear your sister is feeling better. I hate the thought of anyone being in pain!!

    You still have a whole month left before school to get some writing done, too. 🙂

    I plan to get more writing done in August as well! I have been working two jobs so I can move out in September, so I do some serious writing on the weekends.

    My writing goals for August: Get 20,000 words done on my fourth novel & have my second novel sent out to an editor.

    Looking forward to seeing your updates. Happy writing. xx

  2. Thanks:) Looks like you have some great end of summer goals goals!!:) I’m looking forward to your updates as well–having one book out already seems like a big step! Best of luck on writing:)

  3. Hi Jacqueline. Sorry to hear about your sister, but glad that she’s doing better. 🙂

    My goal was finishing the first draft of my middle-grade manuscript by, well, today. Did it happen? Well yes and no. I had written the ending a long time ago and I’m just cleaning it up and changing some things. By finishing I meant actually getting to the final scene. But it’s almost here! Good luck with that writing goal. 500 words a day goes a long way.

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