My History (or lack thereof) with Pets

I’ve been busy with my stories lately and don’t really have any large writing updates but I have been thinking a lot about pets lately so I figured that I could share that with y’all:) With a mom who breaks out when a dog licks her, and brother who can’t go in a house where a hamster has been, and a sister whose throat closes when she goes into any place a that has a trace of fur or feather…our options for what pets to get has been…limited. I’m not that big of an animal person so that works out but I there are times I would really, really like a pet. When we were little we were obsessed with hermit crabs.

All five of my brothers and sisters got one and there were a bunch of happy little crabs in the house. But then something went wrong when they molted…basically the crabs become cannabalistic and rip each other apart because they are all soft. Lets just say really disgusting and for young children very upsetting! So we didn’t get hermit crabs for a little while. The memory was just too painful. We tried a fish.

We went with beta because they were apparently hearty creatures and we didn’t want it dying too soon. No one told us just how crazy beta fish were! It would actually just a few millimeters out of the water when we fed it. It was terrifying the first time and after that we just kept trying to get it to higher and higher. No joke! Once while we were cleaning the cage it actually jumped out of the cup we had it in. We called it fogel fish (fogel =bird in german).

And right now I have two dream pets which I will probably never get due financial reasons and because I’m so busy:


I know it’s a little crazy…what kind of pets do you have/would have if you could?


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