Where to submit your fantasy short story:

Here is my list so far:)

Abyss and Apex

They will start accepting submissions August 1st, will pay. http://www.abyssapexzine.com/

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

They publish “literary adventure fantasy”: stories with a secondary-world setting and some traditional or classic fantasy feel, but written with a literary approach; two cents a word. http://www.beneath-ceaseless-skies.com/Online mag that pays about .5 a word


This site publishes $10 a short story


This site doesn’t look like it pays but it looks like a way to really get your stories out there:)


 So that is what I have been thinking. It is not too long of a list but certainly a start…If you are also a fantasy writer and have any other magazines/journals/reviews that you would suggest then please leave the list in the comments:) Hope this helps and thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “Where to submit your fantasy short story:

  1. Thanks for these. I was digging around to see if I did some freelance work, you know, build a portfolio. I’m a little scared, but it HAS to happen!

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