I love it when…

Here’s my “I love it when…” list for summer:)

1. I love it when you just got done with a long hot sticky run and you get to go through an refreshing sprinkler that supposed to be watering someone’s lawn and not a runner:)

2. I love it when you have to get up super early for some reason and you’re not even crabby because you get that “oh my gosh, I just realize that I’m on vacation feeling!”

3. I love that taste of a sweet dutch apple bagel melting in your mouth super early in the open morning air as you sit with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a long time and who is very dear to you!

4. I love that feeling of staying up till as late as you want because, ha! you don’t have school the next morning! (And let’s not forget how nice it is to wake up by the sun shining on your eyelids and not with an alarm clock.)

5. I love it when hot sand slides over your toes and the sun is warming your back. That feeling of running along the ocean beachside just cannot be beat!

6. I love it when a bird eats out of your hand, it’s tiny little beak brushes your fingers, and it looks up expectantly for more because it knows your are not trying to harm it.

7. I love it when someone reads a something that you’ve written whether it’s a post or a story and someone is really touched by it and then you’re so touched because they are so touched…

8. I love it when you have struggled on your bike to the top of the hill and see the downhill stretched out beneath you (especially when you’re riding along the coast of CA and the hill you are at the top of is overlooking the brilliant ocean, luscious green palm trees, and startling red flowers!)

9. I love it when you and a friend sit on some rocks and talk by the ocean while listening to waves powerful crashing. until late at night. The only time you can see the water really clearly is when the waves fold over and crash because the bacteria in the water gets agitated and lights up, and you watch the shinning white water as far as your eye can see as the wave rolls over along the entire coast and you can feet the ground shudder underneath your feet because the water is so powerful.

10. I love the moments of quiet when you read a good book and sit and pray and bask in the perfectly clean air of Colorado and are resting on the porch over looking the foothills of the mountains.

These have been some of my summer highlights so far:) What have been some of yours?


4 thoughts on “I love it when…

  1. I love it when you have that feeling just before you know something extraordinary is going to happen, like lift-off on a plane trip to a vacation somewhere. 🙂

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