Will it EVER be ready?

So, I’m working on this short story so that possibly…I could send it out to magazines.

This is an exciting step.

Now is the time in my writing career when I edit, edit, edit, and then get rejected and then edit and then get rejected again, but also hopefully learn a lot more and get to be that much better of a writer!:)

So I’m looking at this little four page piece of work and trying to figure out what is wrong with it and how to get better and whether or not it will EVER get completely done. I’ve heard that a writer needs to write till they feel that can’t fix it any more and then edit it some more and then it will be finally good enough, but I’ve also heard that at some point you just have to send it out. I now this story needs a bit more work before sending it out to brave the world but I’m not sure how much. Do you have any opinion on how edited a story has to be?

Well, most magazines start accepting submissions in August (be ready fellow writers!!:) so I plan on sending it out sometime next month and for now, I’ll edit it a little longer and then start on my next story:) BTW’s, if anyone knows of a magazine that accepts new writers and fantasy short stories, just let me know:) I plan on blogging a list of the one I’m submitting to and would love to hear about any that you know of:)


5 thoughts on “Will it EVER be ready?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I peeked at your about page, and I’m pretty much in your same situation! I just graduated, and let me tell you, I’ve got a lot more time to dedicate to writing now! Good luck with your projects and keep in touch!

  2. Hi. I am considering trying to get my first fantasy short story published this fall also, in my case it is mostly in the hope of drawing in a few new readers to my newly self-published novel online. I wrote the story in 2004 and just put it away, so this would be a big step here too. I will be cheering you on and will happily send my list of potential magazines if you would like. I would of course love to see yours. (Less scary if we are all helping each other!) All the best to you.

    • Congrats on finishing your novel!:) I have just posted my list of my potential magazines that I might submit to, and I would be thrilled if you commented on it and told me your list as well:) Thanks so much! Best of luck on all your writing!!

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