Maybe it comes with being a writer but who doesn’t that beautiful parchment?? Whether you think of pirates or faded old classics with leather bookmarks, this kind of paper has plenty of character and I will teach you a few simple steps on how to make some:) These are two different types:

1. The first type is paper that is simply held over the stove until desired golden brown color.

Seriously, it’s like roasting a marshmallow. (That’s what one of my friends said that it looked like actually, hehe.) This one here is a birthday card for my brother. I thought it turned out pretty well. Adding holes in the middle also adds nice effect. The only thing to be careful about is the fact that you get ash all over the stove. It’s kinda annoying but pretty easy to wipe up.

2. Take a large shallow pan. Fill with coffee. Soak paper over night.

This actually just looks nice by itself, even without the burned added effect. It has a nice faded appearance but doesn’t seem quite as dangerous. Depends what you want it for. This stuff would work great for really “old” document:) Just be aware that if you want to add burn marks that coffee paper seems to burn a great deal faster than regular paper. (I found that out and had to put out the fire by dumping some water on, hence the water marks but you can just pretend that the water marks are on purpose, ok?) One of my friends said that the water stains looked like a map. Ttly, right? So it would be great to be used for that to:)

So if you need authentic looking old documents, treasure maps, story maps, or recipe cards that “have been in the family for a really long time,” these are the perfect things to use:)


One thought on “Parchment

  1. That’s awesome! I used to do this too. Mostly for treasure maps when I was little, but you’re right. There is something about aged paper that is so beautiful. Maybe that it had to work so hard to survive and it looks better.

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