Writing as an Art

What is art??

The dictionary on my computer says “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty of emotional power.” That sounds pretty authorish to me! Well, it sounds more like it would apply to writing poetry slightly more than writing text books….but I think that writing does involve painting pictures of scenery and emotions and human relationships in ways that are really incredible and unique. Often it does involve an aspect of beauty which is a crucial aspect of art.

As a writer I really want to make something beautiful. I would love to write beautiful poetry, inspirational essays, and new worlds which suck people in. This isn’t to say that my worlds are all going to be butterflies, sunshine, and ice cream, but I think other kinds of beauty are important in stories such as the beauty of perseverance, loyalty, truth, and love. It doesn’t have to be a perfect world, but I would like there to be some goodness in it.

On a bit of a tangent: during my bike ride in California I experienced beauty in a really powerful way. Waking up with the sand in my toes and the sound of the waves not only brought a lot of peace but was also healing…inspiration… And it wasn’t just nature that really changed me but also the man made beauty we saw–the art. So basically I learned first hand that beauty and art can change people a lot; if it’s the right kind of art it can change them in really wonderful ways. Elaborate statues, swelling music, brilliant gardens, colorful ancient paintings, and books can really impact people.

Just something to keep in mind as a writer or any other kind of artist:)


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