I have neglected writing on the topic writing long enough. No more! I’m back to talk about the goals and ambitions I have as a writer:)

Change of Plans! I am not completely abandoning the idea of turning the story I have been working on into a book but I have done some serious re-evaluating lately and I have decided to change my focus.  The simple fact is that I’m inexperienced as a writer and don’t have any platform so I really want to try to start getting smaller things published and entering contests. A full blown novel as my first project is just proving to be really hard and a little overwhelming. And there are so many great writers websites that I thought it would be kind of fun to just work on smaller things and work on honing my basic skills before attempting something as big as self publishing a novel.

So for now, I am going to be searching for contests and new writer websites and sharing the best of them with you:) And I’m sure that you know many great ones two which I would love to hear! Let me know of any websites for new writers, contests, or magazines that you think would be really great for a new writer:)

Thanks and Happy Writing!!

Actually, before I go write, let me share with you what I’m working on right now: a contest on http://www.fantasy-writers.org. I’m doing the June challenge. If you like writing fantasy you should really go check it out and maybe try it to:)



4 thoughts on “Writers!!:)

  1. Writing a short story can be just as hard as writing a novel. With a short story, all the parts have to contribute to the whole, right down to every word, or the story won’t work well, so it takes a lot of labour fine-tuning the piece, while with novels you have a bit more leeway, and can explore whatever tangents you want. Short stories are a lot less daunting a task, though. Good luck!

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