First Impressions of California

I am back from a 270 mile bike ride along the gorgeous Pacific Coast in Southern California. I have grown physically, spiritually, and much deeper in my friendships. I wasn’t able to blog during my trip because my phone died and now I have so much I would love to post about….so much that I don’t have any idea on where to start.

If you have a travel blog, I would love to check it out. If you have tips about how to capture some of the awesomeness of traveling in little bite sized posts, I would love to hear those to:)

For now, I plan on just starting where I left off blogging:) Where was that? Utah. I guess the next stop on the trip was Vegas. Actually, I am going to save Los Vegas for a later post as well:) What I want to tell you about is my first experience of the desert and California:

I had a very clear picture of what I thought a desert was. I knew all about it from books. I knew there was sand and nothing else as far as you could see. Deserts are desolate empty dangerous places that the sun shines down hard on. As I was leaving Vegas, I was pretty excited about seeing a desert in real life but after being stuck in the traffic between Los Vegas and Los Angelos for about an hour, I decided deserts were not my favorite places in the world –too many cars. There were a lot of plants so you didn’t get the glistening stretch of sand like I had imagined but most of them were very grey and I felt like I was in the bottom of the ocean because the cactus looked kind of like sea weed. Sea weed that was paralyzed in the air..twisted into odd shapes as if they were in lots of pain. No pictures, sorry.

Alright, you get the idea. The desert was a little monotonous and a tiny bit creepy with the sea weed cactus. So you can imagine my feelings when we drove into the lush hills of Southern California. Rolling green waves of paradise. My first impulse was to gasp at joy when I saw the deep green shrouded in “mist.” I was quickly informed that cloud like substance was actually “smog.” Hehe, Minnesota girl here. I still thought/think it’s beautiful. And there were a bunch of purple flowered trees in bloom. Purple carpet lay across the park that we ate dinner in and layered on the trees above us. California. Beauty. So much beauty.

So that was my first impressions of Southern California:) Anyone else been to southern CA? What were your impressions?

I felt that it was harshly landscaped at first but after that pure magnificence. You will find that beauty is a big theme on this trip which I hope to post more soon:)


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