Traveling Days


Sunset dust scatters over rolling hills,
Turning green to gold.
The hazy light stretches shadows out
And drives light into my eyes.

Friday the 8th 8:58pm, After 14 hours in the car and years of wanting to be there, I finally got to see Colorado!!!:) It was dark when I got there but waking up in the morning was incredible. I saw mountains for the first time! I still can’t believe I’m actually here. I walked out on my friends porch, a cup of incredible coffee in hand and stared at the foothills in the truly fresh air:)


Yesterday we drove through the Rocky Mountains and the incredible hills and plains of Utah. After only 3 hours of sleep, I desperately needed a nap but sleep was hardly possible! I didn’t want to close my eyes for second and miss part of the beauty rushing by the window or the incredible conversations I was having with the other 3 girls in the car:) I tried to take pictures but there is so much more in every moment then a single frame and eventually I just stopped trying and savored the moments.

Tips for those going through high altitudes for the first time:
It can be painfully beautiful, literally. So drink lots of water and chew gum to stop ears popping. Also, stop by the town of Empire’s ice cream shop and get a small thick shake because they are huge and the start the trip off the right way.

I also realized that it is tricky to blog while traveling–no service on my phone for half the time and we just want to be in the moment but I hope you enjoy the pictures! I hope to speak to you soon about California. Praise God for all His beauty!!


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