And So Begins the Adventure

I just wanted to share in a little more detail, what I’ll be doing in June:)

First off: I’m biking 250 miles in five days on a Bike for the Unborn Trip. For a girl who realizes she is in horrendous shape physically, this is quite the ordeal. Let me emphasize: this is a big ordeal!:) I’ve gone from no exercise to biking 40 miles in a very short time so I thinking I have a chance at surviving:)

Second: It is also a pilgrimage. In America these really aren’t as common but they are just beautiful times of journeying both physically and growing spiritually (think of El Camino from the movie The Way). I will be traveling to Southern California to make this journey so I’ll get to see a lot of the country and while I’m in California we will not only bike but pray and talk about the deeper things in life–I’m pretty pumped!:)

Also, it’s a fundraiser. I have been asking people to pledge to a cause that I am biking for. I am biking for the Sisters of Life and am pretty excited to support them!:)

I will try to blog each day I am gone, even if it is a short post because I LOVE to read about people’s travels, and I hope you will enjoy hearing about my journey as well:)


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