Writing What You Know (about biking):

Ok, you know that phrase, “Write what you know about” ? Because I always figured, why write what you know about? That’s boring. The reason you write is to explore. But really, you have to know something about what you are writing about…for obvious reasons. And biking, I have realized that there is a lot I didn’t know about biking. I couldn’t have written about a serious biker before now and sound remotely realistic.

I guess it is true that you really have to know at least a little something about what you are writing. Another reason that authors should travel a lot. They should know about as many people and places as they can, first hand:)

Anyways, back to biking which has been my life lately. I wish to tell you about a few things that I didn’t know about biking that  I do know now.

– Did you know that bikers can have clip in shoes so they are basically stuck to their bike? It gives the biker more power apparently:) I had never tried using these shoes but contrary to my former beliefs, they aren’t actually scary. I can clip out easily and it does allow you to bike in a new way.

These are the tops of them…pictures of them clipping into the bike would probably look cooler but there they are:)

–Did you know that my back get’s more sore then my legs when I bike? I seriously lack any muscle in my core area (and that is really going to bite me eventually if I don’t do something about it). But it isn’t something I would have expected.

–Ok, you probably knew this but a brand called stingers (I think) makes all kinds of nutritious foods which are extremely tasty and I’m thrilled that I am actually working our hard enough where I can justify the calories they contain:) There is this really cool instant energy honey waffle thing that I call lembas because that is seriously what it looks like:) There are also instant energy fiber gummies which are incredibly delicious.

–I’m also learning a lot of little important things like the importance padded shorts (really weird wearing those tight little things for the first time! but extremely helpful after an extended period of time) and the importance of really light shirts. I am also learning a little biking etiquette. Some one told me that MN is one of the biggest biking states in the US which surprised me.

Anyways, the point is that I love learning all these random little how-to’s of biking:) I’m leaving for my bike trip on Thursday so I only have a little more training time in which I plan on learning/training to the most of my ability!:)


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