Duluth/Stillwater Top Five:)

If you are in Minnesota, there are two great cities that you should see. Ok, really, the Twin Cities are packed full of fun great things to do and see and eat but I mean there are two of my favorite cities to take little road trip vacations to:) Some friends pile in a car and we leave for the day, leaving troubles behind and just having a great time. I love these because they are the perfect little mini vacations.


1. Split Rock–We didn’t go this last time but it’s an awesome looking lighthouse. You can get tours and climb on the rocks that surround it and explore pure Minnesota beauty. The classic craggy rocks and towering pines surround it:)

2. Glensheen Mansion–We did go to this place! Ok, get this: the sitting room has a golden ceiling. It is covered in gold that is scrapped so thinly over it that if you were to pile it all into one place it would be about the size of a golf ball but they spread it out and made it a covering for the ceiling! Talk about crazy! It’s a rather historic place and is now owned by a university but would apparently take 32 million to build today. And it has beautiful gardens and is right up against lake superior:) We found this gorgeous stone bridge on the property and took a picture.

I know, it’s amazing one of us didn’t fall of and die, lol. But really, get a healthy dose of beauty and wealth and story inspiration from this place;)

3. The Rocks….I actually have no idea what this place is called. Basically it’s right by the bridge. The big bridge. There are a bunch of big rocks and you can walk around on them. We sat there forever just talking and letting the water wash around us as we sat on a rock by the deep blue. Awesomeness:)

4. Grandma’s Restaurant–I don’t know why but people say here is the best place. And it was pretty awesome. And you can eat on the roof and watch the big bridge lift up.

5. Tobies. Ok, this isn’t in Duluth but it is in-between the Boundary Waters (sp?) and the cities so people always stop here as a half way point. I was surprised how tiny it was. EVERYONE but me knew about it and it’s this tiny little place that you could think was just part of a gas station but they have cinnamon rolls which will make the drive that much better!


1. Leo’s Malt Shop–You get thrown into the 1950’s and the food is my FAVORITE! And the decorations are adorable. But seriously, if you have tastebuds, you need to check it out if you ever go to Stillwater!:)

2. Loomes–If you are a book lover, this place is epic.

Its a Catholic book store that is built inside an old church and the only book store that I know of that has stained glass windows!

I found a book that was old and looked like it had been burnt. This person loves collecting the oldest rarest books he can find:) Which means awesome books are everywhere. There are a few cheaper newer things but I try to look at the ancient parchment looking things in different languages! Maybe I’ll see if I can get the pictures from Lisa some time…amazingness. So much intense interesting books in so many different languages that I feel like I’m getting more intelligent by process of osmosis! Seriously! I need to own something like this someday! (Not to mention my story has an ancient library in it so I need some ideas for descriptions of old books;)

3. The cruise–there is a cruise place that you can go to which is awesome! We didn’t go this time (poor starving college students that we are) but I did go on it for my high school senior cruse. There was a live little jazz band and we swung danced on the roof of the boat as it glided along between the gorgeous tree covered hills of the wisconsin and minnesota.

4. German store–If you go to Leo’s Malt shop, there will be a German gift shop right beside it. Go there because everything is so cool inside! (and expensive but you can at least take a look:) The cuckoo clocks they have are incredible and they have fantastic Christmas ornaments. Yeah, Christmas is a pretty big thing for Germans so you will see a lot of stuff with that them:)

5. The trolley ride–I went when I was really little and it was great. It’s just fun getting a great tour of the city and going up and down those crazy hills. Ok, funny fact about cities with hills. I cannot stand driving on hills but all of my favorite places are super hilly. San Fran is the hilliest and it is my favorite. But I refuse to drive up steep drive ways. Go figure!

So that is what I have been doing lately:) I mean, other than biking (I biked 40 miles yesterday 0.0) And writing my story. I have 30,00 words…and that many to write still before I leave this Friday:/ Where are some of your favorite summer vacation places? Any little day trip places that I should definitely see if I’m ever around?:)


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