Creating a Language

I think that a love of writing and a love of languages often comes hand in hand. I mean, it makes total sense. I have been thinking a lot about the use of new languages in stories

[Some Random Author/Language Facts: Tolkien knew what he was doing when he made his languages. Elvish is so beautiful! And he has two dialects of it, one based of Finish and the other based of of Welsh, or something like that. I know this because my German teacher loved him, partly because he based a lot of his Rohirric off of old English which is really close to German so she could understand Eowyn when she sang.]

And now, with my own book drawing near completion, I’m realizing that I have placed a lot of importance on language. I think that language is important in cultures and history, and my story has a lot of conflicting cultures and background history. So now I am stuck with the realization that I probably need to write my own language….Or possibly a few.

At this time I am writing the story without adding any actual dialogue in other languages.

I don’t want it to be cheesy. I don’t want to spend an extra year on on creating grammar and vocabulary. Any suggestions for what I should do? Has anyone else written a language for their story??


3 thoughts on “Creating a Language

  1. Where is the story set? If you are creating your own world it would definitely add to the complexity and believability to have your own language if you think you’re up to it. It seems intensely complicated though, I know I could never even attempt something like that. But then, I could never write a novel either. 🙂

  2. The story does take place in a world that I created, so you’re right, it would probably help to create at least part of a language–I’ll probably start working on after I’m done with the complete revised draft:)

  3. You can always come up with phrases. If you take the context/history/region/etc. and think about what kind of idioms or sayings might come out of it, then you can make it seem like they are speaking a different language. There is also software, I believe, for creating your own language, although not many are free.

    Or you can just pick a language and model it off that one – making minor changes to sounds, etc. Or write gibberish. I used to write gibberish, using the same kind of letters and sounds, and I made sure that there was at least something that looked like a noun and a verb. o_o

    Creating your own language for a story is great, as it can add to the realism of the world. But it also isn’t a necessity, and you should only do it, I think, if you feel you can take the time out to make one. But if you’re modelling off another language, it should be much easier. For example, you can take the German word order, then, delete the usage of articles. Change the way verbs are conjugated. Maybe add a letter. Replace the pronouns with different letters, etc. Just make sure to speak it before finalizing your language. The sound as to fit, I think.

    Anyway, I’m also planning to create a language, so this is something I have also been thinking about. I wish you luck! 🙂 Sorry for the long comment!

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