Back to Writing (And Big Choices)

I started this blog with a goal. To make my dreams come true. Basically, I wanted to publish my first book this year. During the semester I may have wandered a little bit from that goal, but I’m back on track. (Thank you summer vacation!)

And I’m realizing that I’m getting closer to the end:) Right now I’m buried in editing.  I’ll probably end up talking about that whole process/venting about it in a later blog, but for now I am going to talk about choices.

I’m realizing that once you get towards the very end, it’s not as much about the art of writing but about making a whole ton of choices. There are the questions abut what to do for cover art, who to get for an editor, how to publish it. I am most likely doing self publishing for this first story and hopefully just go from there.

And that’s when I realized: I don’t have a platform.

Yeeks! That’s like the “must have” for every writer. I have a very motivated friend who has been working on getting little articles published for a while. I admire her. For some reason, I’ve never really followed her example. (Why self? Why?) And now I am stuck with a dilemma.

Should I work on my story and then stick it on my shelf till I have built up my platform enough to stick it on there? Writing articles are no where as fun as writing something fun like a novel. I sit down at something little and my enthusiasm fizzles. Well, not always but generally whatever I’m working on needs to be epic enough for me to want to devote a couple hundred pages to it for me to start it. Maybe that will be different now that I’m more used to blogging…

But that’s to big question of my life right now:

What do I want to do with my platform???

Should I work on both a platform/blog/novel at the same time? Isn’t that a little insane? Does a platform really help? Even for a fantasy novel? Do fictional stories have platforms that need to look completely different that ones for other kinds of books?

As I continue to do research for this area of my life, I would love to hear any suggestions that any of you have or any resources you suggest I look into:)!


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