The Mission: Getting Into Summer Shape

The Mission: Getting into summer shape.

The Target: Destroying “freshman 15.”

Plan of Attack: No Sweets. That includes chocolate. AND Vegetables are required. At least once a day. And no eating before bed. And one hour of exercise a day. Don’t forget stretching. And lots of water.

Dangers: Temptation. But there is another danger; I have decided to promise whenever I break one of the rules mentioned above, I will owe a sum of $0.50 to a certain person. It may not seem like a whole lot but it is also a matter of pride.

Operative: JL…and any other readers who have similar goals. There is strength in numbers.

Why was it that over my friend’s freshman year, he lost 40 pounds and I gain 15??? The world is never fair. But I have a plan of attack. Let the summer begin!!!:)


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