When Life Hits You, Hit Back (or ask your friends to hit back while you’re unconscious)

We all know about finals week. Gotta pass those little suckers to get through the rest of college. This finals week has been a little different for me. My computer has been acting up, I’m struggling to find a job, and worst of all, I unexpectedly found out that my uncle has cancer and won’t be with us for more than a few days so I’m going to go for a road trip to visit him in between studying for Philosophy and writing papers.

Please don’t take that as whining, merely as giving a background for my story today. So, this morning I was making my usual 35 minute drive to school to get to my first final, listening to the familiar clickety-clackety splutter of my car when the clickety clackety turned into a quiet whir. I found myself unable to go more than 10 mph.

I walked the last few blocks to school.

And as I strolled along with the birds singing, I realized it was a beautiful day out. And thank God my car didn’t die on the highway! And I almost made it to school. And unlike my last two uncles that died within the past year… I will be able to say good bye this time.

You see, I feel like I’ve been very blessed in my life, and so sometimes I don’t think I know how to deal with life when it gets tough. I know that things could be a whole lot worse but this seems pretty sad to me.

May Sorn (that’s the name of my car…long story) rest in piece!

But in all seriousness, though I may try to be light about it, life can deal a fairly serious blow. I am very grateful to all my friends who have been so awesome and helped me so much:) I hope that no matter what happens, I do the best I can.


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