That’s Quotable!

I’m studying for finals…Ok, let’s tell the truth. I’m on Facebook and the final study guide are open. But there is a point in life that I have decided, when your brain get’s over full and you just have to have a little fun before trying to finish up the year strong.

Yup, it’s that time of year. And I decided to share my joy with you and tell you some of the random things I’ve learned this semester that have been the most, ahem, shall we say informative? points of the year:

~According to Descartes, 2+2 might not actually =4. (That’s fine by me; math was never my favorite subject anyways, lol!)

~According to Socrates, “the body is a expensive and time consuming pet.” (um…? gotta love philosophers)

~Cormac McCarthy can make the BEST paragraph long sentence ever seen. (According to my prof: “something you shouldn’t try at home,” hehe)

~Procrastination isn’t a bad thing, it’s just high level effective use of time, and produces some great memories with caffeine and friends all scrambling in the same thing together.

~One way streets are surprisingly easy to get hit on. Especially if you are looking over the grade a teacher gave you on a paper and not the traffic light…not that that almost happened today or anything ^_^

~long distant phone calls should only be made when you feel like staying up for an extra five hours and laughing till your stomach hurts. (well, actually, that’s true for the student lounge to. Good times!)

~translating archaic Spanish poetry and creating hypothetical futures for oneself over a three hour breakfast can be one of the best ways to spend a sunday morning after mass:) (I love my friends!)

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What have you learned this last semester or year so far? Anything particularly humorous or weird? Hope this Spring has been being beautiful, informative, and interesting for you as well!


4 thoughts on “That’s Quotable!

  1. Hey JL, I just found your blog by following your quote on “afeatheredjourney”. I am looking for other beginning writers and am glad to have found your blog. I haven’t had time to peruse much of it but with your tone and photos, I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. I bless your journey of self-expression in 2012!

  2. I read Blood Meridian not to long ago. And I have to say, I loved it. But Cormac has quite the interesting style of writing. Definitely takes a little getting used to.

  3. Glad to hear you liked Blood Meridian! My prof said it was a great book, but now maybe I’ll believe him a little more, hehe.

    But, yeah, Cormac’s style is definitely unique:) (sometimes I thought it was just plain weird but definitely weird in a genius way)

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