“Forever is composed of nows.” ~Emily Dickinson

This summer, I have decided to place huge emphasis on moments:) There are so many things that I want to do and so many special times I want to enjoy. There are so many incredible people I want to take time to sit with and so many dreams I want to reach.

Growing up, you learn something: time goes freakishly fast! I know I’m not super old yet but time is already starting to speed up till it’s about as scary as a roller coaster (hehe, and I’m deathly afraid of roller coasters). This has made me realize if you don’t enjoy the Right Now or do whatever you want to do in the Right Now, it doesn’t happen or you miss the moment to enjoy. Long term goals are reached by moments. Dreams come in moments:)

So, to maximize summer awesomeness, I am going to savor every single moment whether it is writing my story, being with friends or family, biking in agony, or working till late at night at wherever I get a job.

Now, go enjoy every moment of the rest of you memorial day evening! (Or every moment of whatever day it is that you are reading this:)

Summer Goals

What do you do when you have strep throat?

Please don’t say you take a 20 mile bike ride in the rain or I won’t feel original:) That’s what I did yesterday. For someone who is not in shape, training for a 250mile bike ride is quite the ordeal. I’m learning a lot about all kind of new equipment and cross training exercises and awesome bikers clothing.

I have also managed to get a lot done on my story:) I have decided to just start retyping the whole thing while revising it. So far, I have about 15,000 words and I’m hoping to have a complete new revised draft by June 8th:) After that, I’ll start going to start asking people to revise it and start looking for an editor.

So, summer has been off to a good start. I’m moving toward all my official summer goals:

1. Be able to have a conversation in Spanish

2. Bike 250 miles

3. Get rid of freshmen 15

4. Publish my story

5. Read five big books

((I have been studying a little Spanish. By “studying” I mean that I read through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in Spanish. I can understand it but I’m not sure if that’s because I actually understand Spanish or because I have the book partially memorized;) I’ll talk more about the rest of my summer goals later. I’m off to go type more of my story:))

What are some of your summer goals? Anything similar to mine? Good luck on all summer goals that you have!! And Happy Memorial Day weekend!!:)

Creating a Language

I think that a love of writing and a love of languages often comes hand in hand. I mean, it makes total sense. I have been thinking a lot about the use of new languages in stories

[Some Random Author/Language Facts: Tolkien knew what he was doing when he made his languages. Elvish is so beautiful! And he has two dialects of it, one based of Finish and the other based of of Welsh, or something like that. I know this because my German teacher loved him, partly because he based a lot of his Rohirric off of old English which is really close to German so she could understand Eowyn when she sang.]

And now, with my own book drawing near completion, I’m realizing that I have placed a lot of importance on language. I think that language is important in cultures and history, and my story has a lot of conflicting cultures and background history. So now I am stuck with the realization that I probably need to write my own language….Or possibly a few.

At this time I am writing the story without adding any actual dialogue in other languages.

I don’t want it to be cheesy. I don’t want to spend an extra year on on creating grammar and vocabulary. Any suggestions for what I should do? Has anyone else written a language for their story??

“It was a dark and stormy night…” ;)


I guess it is only natural for a writer to like a good thunderstorm. The thing about thunderstorms is that they automatically make everything more dramatic.

He’s dying…

A sorrowful farewell…forever…

Intense fight scene…

A villain is coming that the characters can’t see….

All these scenes get that much better in the rain. Gotta love it:) Not to mention how nice the clicking of the keyboards sounds when it is joined by the patter of the rain on the roof.

In my story that I am currently working on, it doesn’t rain much so I make it dramatic in other ways…so better go do that. Happy Writing!


Back to Writing (And Big Choices)

I started this blog with a goal. To make my dreams come true. Basically, I wanted to publish my first book this year. During the semester I may have wandered a little bit from that goal, but I’m back on track. (Thank you summer vacation!)

And I’m realizing that I’m getting closer to the end:) Right now I’m buried in editing.  I’ll probably end up talking about that whole process/venting about it in a later blog, but for now I am going to talk about choices.

I’m realizing that once you get towards the very end, it’s not as much about the art of writing but about making a whole ton of choices. There are the questions abut what to do for cover art, who to get for an editor, how to publish it. I am most likely doing self publishing for this first story and hopefully just go from there.

And that’s when I realized: I don’t have a platform.

Yeeks! That’s like the “must have” for every writer. I have a very motivated friend who has been working on getting little articles published for a while. I admire her. For some reason, I’ve never really followed her example. (Why self? Why?) And now I am stuck with a dilemma.

Should I work on my story and then stick it on my shelf till I have built up my platform enough to stick it on there? Writing articles are no where as fun as writing something fun like a novel. I sit down at something little and my enthusiasm fizzles. Well, not always but generally whatever I’m working on needs to be epic enough for me to want to devote a couple hundred pages to it for me to start it. Maybe that will be different now that I’m more used to blogging…

But that’s to big question of my life right now:

What do I want to do with my platform???

Should I work on both a platform/blog/novel at the same time? Isn’t that a little insane? Does a platform really help? Even for a fantasy novel? Do fictional stories have platforms that need to look completely different that ones for other kinds of books?

As I continue to do research for this area of my life, I would love to hear any suggestions that any of you have or any resources you suggest I look into:)!

The Mission: Getting Into Summer Shape

The Mission: Getting into summer shape.

The Target: Destroying “freshman 15.”

Plan of Attack: No Sweets. That includes chocolate. AND Vegetables are required. At least once a day. And no eating before bed. And one hour of exercise a day. Don’t forget stretching. And lots of water.

Dangers: Temptation. But there is another danger; I have decided to promise whenever I break one of the rules mentioned above, I will owe a sum of $0.50 to a certain person. It may not seem like a whole lot but it is also a matter of pride.

Operative: JL…and any other readers who have similar goals. There is strength in numbers.

Why was it that over my friend’s freshman year, he lost 40 pounds and I gain 15??? The world is never fair. But I have a plan of attack. Let the summer begin!!!:)

Sweet Freedom!!! Woohoo:)


Wow, that went by fast! I had my last final at 8am yesterday and my last paper due 11:59 last night.

After submitting the paper five minutes before it was due I left promptly to hang out at a friends house.

…I was considering blogging about something like tips for any incoming freshman, best memories, or best teachers awards but honestly, I don’t feel like doing that. I just feel like letting the world know that I’m done with school! (For this semester anyways). I’ve just had a lovely breakfast of yogurt and chocolate chip cookies and am hanging out with a friend and going to go shopping now.

Let the summer begin!:)

When Life Hits You, Hit Back (or ask your friends to hit back while you’re unconscious)

We all know about finals week. Gotta pass those little suckers to get through the rest of college. This finals week has been a little different for me. My computer has been acting up, I’m struggling to find a job, and worst of all, I unexpectedly found out that my uncle has cancer and won’t be with us for more than a few days so I’m going to go for a road trip to visit him in between studying for Philosophy and writing papers.

Please don’t take that as whining, merely as giving a background for my story today. So, this morning I was making my usual 35 minute drive to school to get to my first final, listening to the familiar clickety-clackety splutter of my car when the clickety clackety turned into a quiet whir. I found myself unable to go more than 10 mph.

I walked the last few blocks to school.

And as I strolled along with the birds singing, I realized it was a beautiful day out. And thank God my car didn’t die on the highway! And I almost made it to school. And unlike my last two uncles that died within the past year… I will be able to say good bye this time.

You see, I feel like I’ve been very blessed in my life, and so sometimes I don’t think I know how to deal with life when it gets tough. I know that things could be a whole lot worse but this seems pretty sad to me.

May Sorn (that’s the name of my car…long story) rest in piece!

But in all seriousness, though I may try to be light about it, life can deal a fairly serious blow. I am very grateful to all my friends who have been so awesome and helped me so much:) I hope that no matter what happens, I do the best I can.


Can I just start by saying Happy Mother’s Day? Happy Mother’s Day!!:) I just wanted to say that you mothers out there make this world a better place. You bring life and beauty in a unique way:D

And going off of that, I want go speak on affirmation. It’s something that we don’t give or get enough of, and I think that’s a travesty! It makes sense that for better or worse, people on the outside see us differently then we see ourselves from the inside. When it’s a good perspective, that can make your day!

So here’s my challenge to you: try to find at least one good thing about everyone you talk to today:) Not only will you make someone a little happier if you are able to give them a genuine compliment, but you will also have a more beautiful day because you’re looking for good.

Have a very lovely day!

That’s Quotable!

I’m studying for finals…Ok, let’s tell the truth. I’m on Facebook and the final study guide are open. But there is a point in life that I have decided, when your brain get’s over full and you just have to have a little fun before trying to finish up the year strong.

Yup, it’s that time of year. And I decided to share my joy with you and tell you some of the random things I’ve learned this semester that have been the most, ahem, shall we say informative? points of the year:

~According to Descartes, 2+2 might not actually =4. (That’s fine by me; math was never my favorite subject anyways, lol!)

~According to Socrates, “the body is a expensive and time consuming pet.” (um…? gotta love philosophers)

~Cormac McCarthy can make the BEST paragraph long sentence ever seen. (According to my prof: “something you shouldn’t try at home,” hehe)

~Procrastination isn’t a bad thing, it’s just high level effective use of time, and produces some great memories with caffeine and friends all scrambling in the same thing together.

~One way streets are surprisingly easy to get hit on. Especially if you are looking over the grade a teacher gave you on a paper and not the traffic light…not that that almost happened today or anything ^_^

~long distant phone calls should only be made when you feel like staying up for an extra five hours and laughing till your stomach hurts. (well, actually, that’s true for the student lounge to. Good times!)

~translating archaic Spanish poetry and creating hypothetical futures for oneself over a three hour breakfast can be one of the best ways to spend a sunday morning after mass:) (I love my friends!)

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What have you learned this last semester or year so far? Anything particularly humorous or weird? Hope this Spring has been being beautiful, informative, and interesting for you as well!