Pinterest~Good or Bad?…

When I’m faced with an upcoming paper or test, Facebook suddenly goes from being  little more than pointless to invaluable. There are hundreds of wonderful features on that site which help me ignore the terrors called tests or the panics called papers. Lately, I’ve been contemplating another site which is has the adjective addicting: Pinterest.

Do you have Pinterest? What are the best/worst things about it? Would you suggest getting on Pinterest or avoiding it at all costs? And what’s the point of it? (that last question is probably a big question that our parents ask about all social media sites!)

Anyways, what are you thoughts? Thanks so much!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest~Good or Bad?…

  1. Haha! Yes, procrastination & avoidance in the mode of Facebook & more recently pinterest. I told my friends that I’m pindicted 😦 I don’t think social media is a total waste of time. There are some fantastic elements to it, but you can be sucked in, lose track of time by getting absorbed into an offshoot of what you were originally there for. Especially with the likes of YouTube. You go to find a specific vid & then next thing you know it an hour later & you’ve watched 27 vids…oops :/

  2. DON’T DO IT!!!! I spend way too much time on Pinterest already, and I don’t even have an account (I just stalk other people’s, lol). Good way to revamp your interest in cooking, style or fitness, though, if you’re up for that. Lots of inspiration. A good way to define what you want to become…darn…I may have just convinced myself to get an account. 😦

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