Ok People, Take Five!:)

When the world is making you go loopy and spinning you, spin with it! Take a few seconds to stand up to stare at the beautiful new green buds or pinky white blossoms or  twinkly stars or fluffy clouds, you get the point: look up at something beautiful even if it’s a unique lamp post (like one in the middle of the woods;) or a glittery skyscraper:)! And spin! Just a few times round and round! Ok, fine, if you’re really one of those people (like me) who doesn’t like when everyone is staring at you, don’t spin. But really, still take a few minutes to look up and savor life.

The point of this post: life can be…well…not-fun.  (When you’re a student, the pain usually sets in around the second half of the semester when midterms happen but don’t really seem to end till finals do. (Have you ever wondered why teachers save all the papers till the very end??? I don’t get it). And of course, life can be chalk full of even more stressful serious things!) So I decided to remind everyone out there that our lives are saturated with beauty wherever we are and we just have to look for it and it really helps with the downs of life:)

So please take a few seconds to save the beauty around you:) And even better, share that with us:) What’s something that you’ve seen that is especially cool this Spring?

I am by no means a photographer but here’s a glimpse into one of the serene little moments that I love!:)


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