I’m Paying Attention! I promise!

Tips for not letting the busy mind get completely distracted during a two hour lecture.

If you’re like me, you’re mind is constantly in motion. Ideas, characters, patterns, worries, and anticipations are flying around in you head like a beehive. Sometimes, sitting and listen to one person talk for a long time is a little difficult even if you’re an auditory learner (like me). So, I’ve developed a whole ton of ways to make my classes entertaining for myself (and possible for a few of the people sitting next to me).

Tip One: Let the Artist in You Come Out:)

I have my notes and blank piece of paper side by side so that it looks like I am very attentive and interested. Which of course, I am, but the professor might not think so if he/she knew I was illustrating my notes with things completely unrelated to the topic of the class. I often draw my hands because they are sitting so nicely on the page to model for me. It actually keeps my mind a little less likely to get distracted and my friends will sometimes get entertained as well, depending on what I draw:)

Tip Two: Utilize the Rainbow

This is probably the girly side of me but….make it pretty! I have tons of colors for my notes so reviewing for classes is like looking at a picture. I like making little colored shapes and pictures for me to draw around and under and in while taking notes. I have colored papers and highlighters. It needs to be attractive or studying is suffering. Hehe, no, I don’t have anything officially color coded–I”m more of the random type of girl–but yes, colorful school supplies help A LOT while taking notes or reviewing for tests!

Tip Three: Play with Putty

I don’t have any silly putty (yet), but I’ve heard that this is a great way to hep yourself stay focused. Just have your hands moving makes the rest of you less antsy and you can make little sculptures to:) Have fun!

Tip Four: Try not to think too much about your story

At the back of all my notebooks there are a couple of pages of intense scribbled story bits that I’ve captured in the middle of whatever class I’m in. Sometimes, I just can help it, the teacher says something and suddenly it triggers a fantastic idea, inspirations strikes! But most of the time, I try to save my story brainstorming time for the treadmill. If I get a story idea in my head in the middle of class, it’s really hard to stay focused.

I don’t know if this sounds completely nerdy or ADHD but it works:) For any other college students (or any kind of student out there), what works for you? Any creative ideas on how to focus on school work when your minds wants to be elsewhere?


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