How To Journal:

Real quick, before I start…I realize I left a “link” in my last blog that didn’t actually end up linking to anything. If you wanted to hear the song that I said I would show you then click here. And enjoy!:)

So, down to business; I’ve had a few people ask me this question so I decided to blog about it:) I am going to talk about one of my favorite ways to journal . This works best with a really special moment…but I guess every journal entry works best with that. If it wasn’t great at the time, you may not really want to read about it five years from now. Anyways, here it goes:

1. Find the ideal spot. Some place comfortable. I like to journal when things are fairly quiet but there is a little background noise. If it’s too quiet then I’ll fall asleep, if it’s too loud then I could be participating in whatever is going on around me and not journaling.

2. Start with specifics. For example, I can smell the tangy chicken on the grill if I’m journaling while waiting for dinner. I can catch the whiff of beer with a hint of lime as some relatives chat and grill. There’s that smoky summer smell to and the heat of late afternoon, mixed with a breeze that hints at night. …you get it, make it vivid so that you’re brought right back to the moment.

3. Give the scenario. After giving some details, I like to pull back and talk about what’s happening. My relatives from California are here and we’re all grilling out. My Dad and Uncle are grilling while my Mom and Aunt are somewhere else. My relatives will be here for about a week and we’ve been going to parks and playing wii excessively…talk about whatever gives background to the moment.

4. End with more details. Details are really fun to read when they are about you:) After giving the scenario I also generally talk about how I feel and what I’m thinking to. And this is fun to read later because you can look back and laugh at yourself or be amazed at how deeply you thought at that moment (I always amaze my self! Ha! Jk, I wish!). I feel like sometimes I end up with life stories that sound like poetry so if you’re a poet then your journal is a great exercise!

And … Voila, there you have it: a beautiful journal entry!:)


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