To My Wonderful Readers:


I am back home again after a week of living in the “Windy City.” I have so much to talk about I really have no idea where to begin!:) In the last week I have painted murals with school children, fed homeless, and sorted hundreds of pounds of food. I have seen the Sears(willis) tower, ate deep dish pizza, and splashed in Lake Michigan. I have made amazing friends, spend hours laughing till my face hurt, and learned so much about myself that I didn’t know.

Spring Break felt like an hour (not a week) long but I LOVED it and I looking back, I want to make sure that it makes a lasting impact on my life.

So the question is…Now What???

Well, lets start with a few things…

1. I kept talking to people about how I was working on a book and have been thinking about the fact that “working on a book” can mean anything from working intensely every day to make sure that my dreams come true or working on the book every other month for a few hours. I have decided I’m going to start pushing myself to actually start writing. Like, hopefully 3 times a week for a decent amount of time. (still not an amazing goal but I’m taking baby steps!:) The goal is to eventually tell people “I have published one book and the second is on the way:)” And the perks of this is that while I’m writing I’ll hopefully find extra interesting material that I can blog about (because I’m in the research stages of my story;)

2. I have also decided to try and use writing to make a difference. This mission trip opened my eyes and I want to use any talents that I have to change some of the things about this world that I don’t really like. I know I can fix the world with words but I know that I want to at least do something…I’m contemplating a new blog… but that in the baby stages. The really little baby stages. Any ideas here would be great! And I’ll probably have more posts asking you wonderful people more about it in the future!:)

3. Considering the fact that I want to get another blog…made me realize that I should really keep up on the one I do have. Anyone have input on how often they blog a week? I was thinking twice (hopefully doable even for me). I feel that mondays and wednesdays would be great!

Thanks for reading (and any ideas)! Hope your spring has been going just as fantastic as mine!!:)


One thought on “To My Wonderful Readers:

  1. You have a good plan in place! It takes baby steps to work your way to the bigger steps. Every writer starts somewhere. Once you reach 3 days per week of writing, you will be writing everyday before you know it.

    I usually blog about once per week, sometimes twice if something eventful happens or if I am just really inspired to post something – but everyone is different.

    I think that Mondays and Wednesdays are great days if they work for you. 🙂

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