I am a firm believer in writers being travelers:) Maybe it’s just my excuse to have an adventure, but I think that when writing, it’s nice to know about new places and cultures and see knew things and meet new people to write about. Agreed? 🙂

Which is why I’m SO excited about seeing Chicago for the first time!!!

Sure I live in MN which is only about six hours away, but it will still be exciting! What makes it even better is that it is a mission trip! I will not only be seeing all the wonderful sights but I will hopefully be making a difference as well!:)

Here’s the catch: on this trip we aren’t going to have any cell-phones or computers. Simplicity. Hehe, I’m a little shocked at how apprehensive I get at the thought of no texting, Facebook, emails, and blogging! But I promise pictures and stories once I get back.


And with that, I’m off to pack:)


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