Why it’s Worth Reading (or Writing)

Often times, I’ve picked up brand-new books with high hopes, only to find that the appealingly dramatic cover of a beautiful girl with windblown hair was actually just a mask for some really poor quality writing.

Which is why I wasn’t too hopeful when I read Paranormalcy. A girl with wind blown hair sat in a pink prom dress and stared past me from where she stood in a grey world.

I thought I’d read it for a little in between studying and at 7pm I picked it up. At 11pm I completely finished it and began looking for the sequel. It was just plain awesome!

So that made me wonder, what was it that made me like it so much? And how could I get that into my own story?

The Characters: Evie is totally a real girl. The main character has that perfect mix of being unexpected but also a bit of your typical girly-girl which makes her completely lovable. And she’s funny. (I mean, how could you not love a girl with a pink taser?) Plus, I feel a bit envious of her, working with fairies and other enigmatic creatures just seems like the dream life. I love the way the author Kiersten White depicts the other characters as well. Reth, the dangerous fairy just seemed to leap off the page. I’m going to try to do the same thing in my stories. Let my characters surprise me and do things that seem unexpected. Even if it doesn’t always seem completely “in character,” it makes the characters also feel a little bit more real which is the point.

The author had fun with her story: Kiersten White had a great sense of humor. Even when her story was getting tense and dramatic she wasn’t afraid to put in a few funny lines to make the reader laugh and I appreciated that. Sometimes, when stories get too intense, the reader just gets tired. When I write, I need to remember to keep the story light enough to be enjoyable as well.

The Names: I know I’ve spoken about names before, and I think that she did a great job naming her characters. She picked unique but short and easy to remember names for all of her characters. Evie, Lend, and Reth. I love the name Reth! Doesn’t it just sound like the sort of name that belongs to a treacherous good looking fairy?:)

So there are some of the reasons that I loved paranormalcy. Have you read it before? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If you haven’t and are at all interested in some light fantasy I strongly suggest you do!:)


2 thoughts on “Why it’s Worth Reading (or Writing)

  1. Hehe, that’s probably about right…(you could say the cheap candy of the book world). I don’t usually read books like these because of the writing style (or lack thereof), but the reason I liked this one was that it was creative and actually decently written:)

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