Homework or creative writing…?

Dante vs. My Story. I struggle to choose.

Home work or writing for the fun of it?

Dante and Phaedo are sitting on my dresser. NOoooo, not the people, the books they wrote! (I wish the authors were though, I have a good long list of questions for Dante. What was he thinking when he wrote The Comedy?!) And anyways, I’m trying to read my homework and my unfinished is calling. It calls especially loudly when I’m reading something super duper dry that I just want to get away from (like Phaedo) or something super create that gets my own create juices flowing (like Dante). I debate back and forth….Dante’s story or mine? Dante’s story or mine? It should be easy. I mean, I’m paying an arm and a leg to go to school so homework is the obvious priority and I’m not getting payed anything for writing (yet!). But sometimes fun trumps logic. Those are the times I “binge write” because I miss writing so much. And the other times are when I say “just five minutes for lunch break” and then I realize about half an hour later that I need to run to class. Does any one else ever run into this problem??

*Sigh* My poor neglected novel. Will you ever see the light of day?

I need to stop complaining! School is flipping awesome! So, I guess for now school trumps writing (for the most part, hehe) and I’ll try to learn everything I can so that when I come back to my novel I’ll be a better, stronger, more creative writer and will be able to bring my novel to completion:)!


2 thoughts on “Homework or creative writing…?

  1. Oh, I’ll do you better. I walk across the room–not intending to write, and the computer screen grabs me. Then, I say, fine, let me just add a little sentence here and a paragraph there, and this is around 10 A.M. When I look up and out, it is dark.

    So much for food! Or anything else that needs my attention. My body has no need when it comes to writing because writing really feeds and nourishes me.

    I know what you mean. Keep plugging on. You will meet success one day soon.

    Frances Oh.

  2. I always have the same problem. I seem to become inspired to continue with my story just as a tidal wave of homework hits (maybe it is a coincidence?). I always treat my story as me, well, treat. I make myself do homework with my prize at the end being writing my story. It sometimes helps!

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