The Mall…the mall?

This story happened in the beginning of the school year but I just had an adventure that reminded me of it…so I decided to share it with you:)

So I decided to go to the mall. The mall of America. And I am completely directionally challenged and have never driven in the cities by myself. So we were driving for a while and things didn’t look familiar at all. I’m not sure what I had done…I did print out directions….but my brother, the navigator was asking if we had a map. We didn’t so we went to the gas station and I asked how to get to 35W from wherever we were. 

Him: 35W north or 35W south?

Me: Um…35W West…?

Him: It’s kind of north or south.

Me: Um…I’m trying to get to the Mall of America.

Him: Oh.

He looks at my directions.

Him: Ok, write these down, I’m going to give you better ones.

So we continue driving with the directions from the guy at the gas stations. We see the cities and I’m pretty thrilled. At this point, even if we get lost we’ll have plenty of things to see. I love the cities. And then we had passed the city. The Mall of America was south of something so we were doing pretty good. It was like being on a roller coaster that I was driving- we never knew which twist would be coming up next in the road. It was a little frightening, hehe. But completely awesome. Airplanes! Yeah, we must have been getting closer–there is an airport somewhere in the cities, right?

You have no idea how thrilled I was to see the beautiful mall of america. I screamed just like I was on a roller coaster and pulled into the the first parking lot I found. No parking ramps, thank God! I step out of my car and we stretch and look around. Every other car around me had that shiny, commercial new kind of look.

“Am I going to get towed?” I ask my brother as I look at my dingy little car sitting in the middle of all the other shiny ones.

He didn’t know. I didn’t either. I wondered if this was something like staff parking. I mean, I think there would have been a sign but I’d missed plenty of signs on the way here, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was missing one now.

“OK, we’ll just walk like we know where we’re going so that even if it is staff parking or something lie that, no one will stop us.”

So we do that and enter the mall. Nordstrom. Shiny lights and clothing displayed in elegant fashion. I sit there a few seconds in my “Go Purple” school t-shirt and jeans. Me and my brother look at each other, then shrug and walk through. If we can find the entrance to the main mall it’s all good.

So I had come to the mall to for an appointment at the apple store to try to figure some stuff out with my email and my new computer etc. So we had to get the that store in a certain amount of time. But first, we had to find the apple store. Seriously? More chances for the directionally challenged me to get lost?

But, hah! I did it. We walked only in a few circles, and only went on the wrong floor once before going promptly back down. So we sat looking at those little stands with maps on them and are trying to find the apple store on the map. My eyes stray past the big map stand thing and I see the glowing apple right in front of us. Yay!!!!! Oh, it’s the little things in life. Like making it to your destination alive!


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