Adding Some Flavor to Your Writing;)

Vibrant pinky purples colored the snowy white, as the fluffy cake soaked up the juice from the berries. The sweet melting angel’s food with tart fruit was all topped with clouds of airy whipped cream.

I had strawberry shortcake for breakfast. It was a good beginning to the day.

Have you ever been eating a particularly good meal and suddenly felt like bursting into song, poem, or words? (Hey! I’m not weird–it actually could be helpful when writing some future story to have a vivid little description of some amazingly good or memorably bad food:)

What are the little moments in your life that you suddenly feel like writing about…no matter how trivial they may be?


One thought on “Adding Some Flavor to Your Writing;)

  1. Food description is an area where I struggle. I want to be vivid, but I don’t want to go over the top. It’s a hard balance to strike. So when I’m mulling meals, I’m usually sitting there thinking “this steak is pink and warm, I can taste a shot of Worstershire….” while the rest of the table tries to engage me in conversation ;P

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