Tips for a Writer:)

Alright so in my imaginative writing class we have this really neat activity that we have to do every time before class. We have to right down three physical observations we have. Noticing things like the temperature, the funny lighting, the smell of a relatives house, the angles of a room, these are all things that writers need to pay attention to. Giving a few unique important little details can make a much bigger impression on a reader than saying tall and dark haired. It’s important to form the habit of always paying attention to what makes things distinct and then trying to transfer the experience from you head to the paper. It’s pretty cool!

So here’s an example of the one’s that I’ve submitted….sorta lame, yeah, but I’m working on getting better at finding those distinct details that makes life so colorful:

1. I notice the reflection of the people in the bus window. From where I am sitting, my reflection is just a darker patch through which you can see the cars and streets outside. I can also see the rest of the people in the brightly lit interior of the vehicle. There are some people laughing with each other, some people are sitting quietly looking forward with stern faces. The front window of the bus is a mirror of life, suspended in air, showing people at as themselves but holds them as an odd tilted angle and if you look at it closely you can see the world beyond and the people themselves fade away.
2. I also notice the cars shadows that are so misshaped. If a person were to compare the shadows of their cars they would all see the same, sharp and bent angles of darkness that shoots into the lane beside them. You can’t tell by the slanting reflection whether it is a corvette or beaten up clunker. The shadows stretch as the cars go around a corner and they are like tails which unwillingly drag beside the car and don’t even try to seem to do justice the the vehicle they are portraying.
3. Home smells like marshmallows. I walk in and can catch a whiff of warm s’mores, or maybe it is rice crispy treats. Health conscience people that we are, we still always keep a few of the white fluffy treasures on hand just in case someone feels like having a some for a light dessert. When they are warmed they give off the best aroma and it depending on the time of year it can make me think of s’mores of a late night bonfire, a rice crispy treat during well earned break in the middle of studying, or a cosy evening with a cup of hot chocolate. I guess, they also make me think of the people in my family that enjoy them just like I do:)

I love to read about the super unique sorts of details that you put in your books:) The more “distinctive” the better:)!

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