The Car Against all Odds

Meet Sorn.

Most people name their car things like Betsy…actually most people probably don’t name their cars at all…but, really, if you’re going to be using a car for a longer period of time then it just feels like you have to call it something.

So my friend and I got matching cars. Not on purpose, it just so happened that they ended both being chevy luminas that were around the same age. I mean they were made the same year. So I decided they had to be named.

What would you name a car? Well, we were reading the C.S.Lewis space trillogy and there was a race called the Sorns and there were some creatures called the Eldil. So mine is Sorn and my friends is Eldil.

Both of these cars have a complex personality like all first cars. Sorn’s air-conditioning doesn’t work, the windshield has cracks in pretty patterns, and the doors controls come off any time you try to shut the door so you have to go back and stick it back in. But it works. It drives. And I love my little car for hanging in there for so long!



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