All the Worlds a Stage:)

Maybe this is just what crazy people do, but have you ever taken a different identity for yourself when you go out someplace? Like go to the airport and pretend your a secret agent from England. You speak in the British accent and keep an eye out for anyone tailing you. You put in your earbuds so that you even have the epic soundtrack. Ok, the airport might not be the best place for this but anywhere else it is seriously awesome fun. Once, while driving my sister to school, I had her freaking out about the white van trailing us. I had a whole theory about why they needed to get us and the best part was that my brother went along and expanded the back story so she assumed it was something we both knew about previously. Well, I’ll be honest and admit she wasn’t completely convinced but it was still a pretty exciting ride. Best part? The van was headed to her school to so it “trailed” us the whole way!

I don’t tell my siblings they’re adopted.

I just do stuff like this.

It generates stories:)


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