Starting with a Sunrise-Story Ideas

You can call it cliche but it is such a perfect semester starter to wake up and be driving with the sunrise. This made me think of s a story starter idea that I guess I’ve used for a long time without thinking about it:

Have you ever been out taking a walk or driving or bored and looking out the window and suddenly your wondering what scene would work perfectly for the weather? Or better yet, what new story could you start with that weather. Jane Eyre talks about how the stormy weather makes her feel adventurous and the first days that she’s at the boarding school its very stormy. Now, I understand the weather can be a painfully boring thing to talk about if writers don’t do it right, but if you’re able to capture it–well, then you really have something. And if you keep an eye out for the weird weather, like that sunset where every cloud looks like a marshmallow (no joke!) or them moment in late summer when the cotton is in the wind and glows golden with the setting sun so that it looks like glitter across the pink sky-if you can capture moments like those you can incorporate something real and vivid in the backdrop of your story:)

“The pale pink and baby blue was a friendly warm contrast to the frigid air but all the world seemed to be waking up, even the colors. The patch work quilt of pastels in the sky changed to a vibrant blue and she could see the sun’s rays striking the misty sky scrapers in the distance. It was the day to start an exploration or an adventure. Certainly not a tragedy or murder mystery, more like a day to start a comedy in it’s true sense – a light hearted telling of life that ends well:)”

First of all, just gotta say there’s I’m glad there’s no one in the car to listen to me talk to myself (or making my character talk while creating dialogue) but I also gotta say that if a sunrise doesn’t give inspiration to a person, they haven’t seen the right sunrise.

Let the semester begin and I hope you all see many happy sunrises!:)


2 thoughts on “Starting with a Sunrise-Story Ideas

  1. Last spring I looked out the windows of my office to see a heavy fogged rolled in.

    I grabbed my notebook and ran out the door. I walked a couple of blocks until I got to a bridge that crossed one of our rivers. I stood on the middle of the bridge in the fog and wrote about 3 pages of what it was like.

    Was pretty cool.

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