The “Write” Time

What’s the “write” time to write?

I feel that with a busy life, it’s important to pick the prime time to write if you want to get anything done. I’m trying to figure out how  to balance full time school, two part-time jobs, a 45 minutes commute to school, and everything else in life while getting my first novel out into the e-book world. Yikes! It’s not going to be easy no matter what angle you attack it from, but being strategic about when I write, has been really helpful.

The right times for me:

-Right after I run or work out. They say that running helps creativity. I would agree. My feet are pounding along this treadmill and I’m staying in the same place so I have to think of something so that I don’t go mad with boredom. Add a little epic music and the basement walls fade away and I’m left in the woods, getting chased by [fill in with villain’s name], because of [add reason] and suddenly, I realize that I can connect this story with the other story… you know how it goes! (I would really hate it if someone were to watch my face while I’m running, because I probably make all sort of faces while I’m sorting out my story!) Anywhoo, once I’m done running, I race to my computer to get it all down before I forget!

Oh,  I think running actually helps stimulate your brain to, so there are probably some medical reasons as to why writing after running is good but I don’t feel like doing the research at the moment. But the point is: run then write.

-Really late at night after everyone else is asleep (and you probably should be). Some of my best stories seem to hit me right after I lay down and then I have to decide if they’re good enough for me to miss sleep over. I have this sort of feeling that while most people dream, writers sometimes start the dreaming process early so they have all these crazy ideas running through heads late at night. Which is a really good thing if you think about it:) It’s a nice way to kind of process about the day… kinda therapeutic.

-After a really embarrassing moment. Actually, writing after any “big” moment would be good so you can capture the feeling. Even if you don’t use the actual situation, you can use the emotions. I just have found that embarrassing moments are great humor scenes (for everyone else, of course)

When are your prime times to write? I would love to know because I’m going to need all the advice  I can get over the next semester!


4 thoughts on “The “Write” Time

  1. People say that a writer should write every day. I fail to succumb to this philosophy because that’s when people who do this experience their so-called, “writer’s block.”

    I write when the creativity and inspiration come. I write whenever I find patches of time, usually in the morning and late at night when all is calm. I write when ideas come because I am constantly thinking, constantly on the go.

    I write after I have jogged or walked, and you are right: ideas fight over themselves to be the first to emerge. That’s why when I walk or jog, I always take my Smartphone so that I can save ideas in my Memopad or send them to myself as TEXT MESSAGES, so I don’t forget.

    Sundays are especially inspirational because, as I listen to the sermon or listen to the Word, again, ideas fight over themselves to claw their ways out. With all these ideas and a little reminder of what the ideas are, I always seem to have materials to write. I also keep notepads in my purse to jot down those ideas, which I transcribe into passages, novel pieces, or into poetry.

    Additionally, I listen to that inner voice that wakes me up in the middle of the night or close to dawn, more like, “if you listen, they will come!” At such times, and as much as I need my sleep, I know the ideas will not let me rest until I commit them to paper. Usually, I still make myself go back to sleep even if only for one hour.

    Even when I cannot write fully to my heart’s and/or brain’s content, I always jot down ideas and make little notes so that I don’t lose that ingenious thought and its tentacles.

    For these and for many more, I do not experience writer’s block. Sometimes, I just refuse to write so that I can sleep or be sociable when I am at gatherings.

    I hope I have addressed your question.


  2. Thanks for all the tips! (I really liked the idea of brining the smart phone on the jog and jotting down Sunday inspirations!!) I think it’s awesome to hear that a good writer doesn’t have to write every day, and to hear that you don’t get writer’s block-so encouraging:) Happy Writing!!:)

  3. Well, you are a busy girl! Kudos on balancing everything so well. I totally agree that writing after working out is great. After work, I head to the gym and then write at the library.

    I smiled when you said that you imagined yourself being chased by a villian while jogging. It is good to know that I am not alone! 😀

    The exercise itself definitely helps the mind and I also think that epic music can inspire all kinds of ideas and concepts.

    Great blog post!

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