Resident Evil, mwahahahaa

Here’s me playing resident evil for the first time:

Leon is walking into trees, I’m half closing my eyes in fear that something will jump out at me, and my gun is going off at random times because I think I hear a noise. I was having a great time (btw, for being not real, Leon is kinda cute) and my friend was laughing at my attempts to keep Leon on the path.
Best moment in the game was when I went into this “abandoned building” and this zombie with a gun attacks me. Now, he wasn’t scary but seriously, this is me, the girl that jumps when bugs fly by. When this guy jumped out, I jumped just as high; my gun going off in every direction except him. Throwing the wii remote at my friend, I made the pact with her that she would shoot the zombie things and I would make Leon walk around to collect the goodies (and walk into walls) after that.

We are now at the point where we have the annoying little girl with the high pitch voice “Leon! Leon! Save me! Save me!” oh, that’s right, she’s the one we are trying to save. Sorry to say I was kinda relieved when we accidentally shot her a few times, hehe, and I was really relieved when she got recaptured. (this video game is bringing out my mean side).


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