In for a Shock!

Alright, so has anyone had something really staticy late at night when it was dark and you got that little static shock and you could see a little spark? (Because the first time that happened to me I was super excited about the blue lightening running through my blanket, lol!) Anyways, Between by furry static generating boots that I wear and my nearly electric winter coat, I feel like I have been a walking outlet! I have touched a metal door nob and actually seen a blue spark in daylight. Really! It would be cool…if it didn’t hurt so much…hehe… When I went to punch in at work I got this huge shock before I even touched the screen and it was so bad that I sat for three seconds before giving it a second shot.

So, if anyone ever asks where my phobia of doorknobs comes, you can tell them it’s not because of the germs but because of the electricity. And if it is in anyway possible to die from electrocuting yourself on a doorknob, I can guarantee that it will happen to me. Added to my list of enemies in life (actually, the second thing on the list after gravity :P) is static shocks.

Hope your day is just as electrifying as mine has been…but not in the way mine has been, haha!


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