Busting the Block

Writer’s block?Here’s a tip:

Listen to music.
Music paints a vivid picture and if you have characters running through your head in circles and they aren’t really going any where, music can give them the right background which can help you make the entire next scene of the story. Also, music doesn’t just give inspiration for new scenes but it also helps you see the scenes that you know you have but just have to write. So, maybe you know in this chapter that you need him to find out that his father was really not who he said he was. And you know that it’s going to be really sad and dramatic but it’s going to be a tricky thing to write. Sometimes music can set the soundtrack for your story. And I have a list of my favorite music to listen to while writing. I usually like pretty dramatic songs so that I can make some epic scenes:)

Here’s 7 of my favorite writing songs:

1. Escala’s Kashmir (feat. slash). 
Actually anything by Escala makes me want to either go for a run or write a really intense scene where someone ends up dying or fighting for their life or something dramatic like that. If you haven’t heard of them before here’s a little history: they were found on Brittain’s got talent and pretty much blew everyone away!
2. The Kingndom Dance from Tangled
Hey, don’t laugh, but really, soundtracks are great (even if they are Disney ones) because they already have a story behind them. You just have to be careful not to get to close to the original story. I use soundtracks from Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean…you name it!
3. Ezio’s Family from Assassin’s Creed
I’m going to admit that I’m not a huge video game person but I have heard this song and love it. Video games are another great place to find those awesome soundtracks. I use this song for my really tragic scenes. I think it’s about when his family is dying so you can imagine it’s so bitter sweet! I love it! Songs from video games are actually great!
4.Nothing I Won’t Give by Vic Mignogna
This is almost cheating. When you have a song with words you just decide what kind of character is saying the words. Sometimes you can imagine a face by trying to match one to the voice. Maybe make one that would be surprising considering the voice. What is his/her personality? Judging from the song? Is this something your character would normally sing? If not, why is he/she singing it now? What happened right before the song? What happened right after? Poof! Story right there:)
5. Shine by Bond. 
Bond is like Escala. If you don’t already know them it’s time your should. Rock classical music…well, it rocks.
6. Thuderstruck played by David Garrett
Speaking of Rock classical music, yeah, that’s this to a T. David Garrett has a really cool story. He was prodigy and then became rebellious as a teen and quit playing violin. Turns out he really missed it so went for a quick audition with Juilliard and after getting in, he went on to break the world record for faster violin player with flight of the bumble bees. Long and short of the story is that he likes to make classical music for all people and it has a really cool edge to it!
7. Requiem for a tower. 
Pure epic. Try Escala’s version.


One thought on “Busting the Block

  1. I generally write to classical or instrumental music. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I wrote dialog that was in my head, only to go back the next day and find my character speaking Zeppelin lyrics!

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