Hey ya’ll:) Come check it out!

It’s still early enough to make a new years resolution! Right?… Well, I am making one of mine right now: I want to read and write more this year.


If that sounded like a third grader’s pledge…let me assure you it’s not. I’m determined to get a few good classics into my brain (I won’t just read them, I’m going to dissect and digest them!) I am also going to try to write, at least every day (and that includes blogging at least once a week:) Considering I’m going to be in an intense English class…this goal really shouldn’t be that hard. The hard part of my resolution is that I want to read and write outside of class. Phew!

I’ve been working on my stories for years but I have never actually started the whole submitting my work and I’ve decided that this is the year to start making dreams come true:) To be completely honest with myself, this is probably going to be the years of tears, trial, and error, but if you want to follow my happy-go-lucky crazy life, read post on book reviews and writing, and see random pretty pictures when I feel like a little photography, then please subscribe and enjoy!

So without further ado, I’m going to start writing:)


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