The “Write” Time

What’s the “write” time to write?

I feel that with a busy life, it’s important to pick the prime time to write if you want to get anything done. I’m trying to figure out how  to balance full time school, two part-time jobs, a 45 minutes commute to school, and everything else in life while getting my first novel out into the e-book world. Yikes! It’s not going to be easy no matter what angle you attack it from, but being strategic about when I write, has been really helpful.

The right times for me:

-Right after I run or work out. They say that running helps creativity. I would agree. My feet are pounding along this treadmill and I’m staying in the same place so I have to think of something so that I don’t go mad with boredom. Add a little epic music and the basement walls fade away and I’m left in the woods, getting chased by [fill in with villain’s name], because of [add reason] and suddenly, I realize that I can connect this story with the other story… you know how it goes! (I would really hate it if someone were to watch my face while I’m running, because I probably make all sort of faces while I’m sorting out my story!) Anywhoo, once I’m done running, I race to my computer to get it all down before I forget!

Oh,  I think running actually helps stimulate your brain to, so there are probably some medical reasons as to why writing after running is good but I don’t feel like doing the research at the moment. But the point is: run then write.

-Really late at night after everyone else is asleep (and you probably should be). Some of my best stories seem to hit me right after I lay down and then I have to decide if they’re good enough for me to miss sleep over. I have this sort of feeling that while most people dream, writers sometimes start the dreaming process early so they have all these crazy ideas running through heads late at night. Which is a really good thing if you think about it:) It’s a nice way to kind of process about the day… kinda therapeutic.

-After a really embarrassing moment. Actually, writing after any “big” moment would be good so you can capture the feeling. Even if you don’t use the actual situation, you can use the emotions. I just have found that embarrassing moments are great humor scenes (for everyone else, of course)

When are your prime times to write? I would love to know because I’m going to need all the advice  I can get over the next semester!

Resident Evil, mwahahahaa

Here’s me playing resident evil for the first time:

Leon is walking into trees, I’m half closing my eyes in fear that something will jump out at me, and my gun is going off at random times because I think I hear a noise. I was having a great time (btw, for being not real, Leon is kinda cute) and my friend was laughing at my attempts to keep Leon on the path.
Best moment in the game was when I went into this “abandoned building” and this zombie with a gun attacks me. Now, he wasn’t scary but seriously, this is me, the girl that jumps when bugs fly by. When this guy jumped out, I jumped just as high; my gun going off in every direction except him. Throwing the wii remote at my friend, I made the pact with her that she would shoot the zombie things and I would make Leon walk around to collect the goodies (and walk into walls) after that.

We are now at the point where we have the annoying little girl with the high pitch voice “Leon! Leon! Save me! Save me!” oh, that’s right, she’s the one we are trying to save. Sorry to say I was kinda relieved when we accidentally shot her a few times, hehe, and I was really relieved when she got recaptured. (this video game is bringing out my mean side).

In for a Shock!

Alright, so has anyone had something really staticy late at night when it was dark and you got that little static shock and you could see a little spark? (Because the first time that happened to me I was super excited about the blue lightening running through my blanket, lol!) Anyways, Between by furry static generating boots that I wear and my nearly electric winter coat, I feel like I have been a walking outlet! I have touched a metal door nob and actually seen a blue spark in daylight. Really! It would be cool…if it didn’t hurt so much…hehe… When I went to punch in at work I got this huge shock before I even touched the screen and it was so bad that I sat for three seconds before giving it a second shot.

So, if anyone ever asks where my phobia of doorknobs comes, you can tell them it’s not because of the germs but because of the electricity. And if it is in anyway possible to die from electrocuting yourself on a doorknob, I can guarantee that it will happen to me. Added to my list of enemies in life (actually, the second thing on the list after gravity :P) is static shocks.

Hope your day is just as electrifying as mine has been…but not in the way mine has been, haha!

What’s in a name? Well, let me tell you!

Friends call other friends by names of endearment or nicknames. Parents call you by your full name when you’re in trouble. Things like credit cards and drivers license do the same thing (have your full name, of course, and hopefully not just when you are in trouble). In answer to Juliet Capulet’s question–I think that there’s a whole lot in a name.

Romeo may still be “perfect” in Juliet’s eyes if his name was something else but I think that people read the book partly because his name is so classically romantic. Bob and Juliet? Ha, I don’t think so! Seriously, when giving characters their names, I feel like I have a daunting task! What if they aren’t their name?…I don’t think that made any sense, but you get the point.

Names may not shape people or perceptions entirely but I think it can influence things, especially when writing a story. I’ve heard people say that you can chose any name and then fix it later on but that drives me crazy because by the time I’m done, I’m so used to my “Romeo” being typed as “bob” so that he’s become slighly more “bobbish” then “romeoish.” Ugh! (and no offense to any bobs!)

For me, personally, the name has to come and then character can come alive for real. They can remain nameless for a little while if needs be (better a nameless hero with enigma then someone who completely changes the story I wanted), but I really don’t think that putting in someone elses name really works.

So what’s in a name? Well, Juliet, I think that when making up a character there is a lot in a name. And I think that’s kinda interesting:)

Finals and hell…not to be negative or anything:)

Um…this is really funny in retrospect…

So my teacher told us that she is saving Dante till the very end of the semester, something about going through hell and finals at the same time has nice symmetry or something like that. If your also in school right now, you’ll probably get a kick out of this! And best part is we get to end up in Paradisio as finals are coming to an end. SOOOO True! So now that I’ve been on break for a while, my “paradisio” is coming to an end. *sigh*

But time to start a whole new adventure! 🙂

Busting the Block

Writer’s block?Here’s a tip:

Listen to music.
Music paints a vivid picture and if you have characters running through your head in circles and they aren’t really going any where, music can give them the right background which can help you make the entire next scene of the story. Also, music doesn’t just give inspiration for new scenes but it also helps you see the scenes that you know you have but just have to write. So, maybe you know in this chapter that you need him to find out that his father was really not who he said he was. And you know that it’s going to be really sad and dramatic but it’s going to be a tricky thing to write. Sometimes music can set the soundtrack for your story. And I have a list of my favorite music to listen to while writing. I usually like pretty dramatic songs so that I can make some epic scenes:)

Here’s 7 of my favorite writing songs:

1. Escala’s Kashmir (feat. slash). 
Actually anything by Escala makes me want to either go for a run or write a really intense scene where someone ends up dying or fighting for their life or something dramatic like that. If you haven’t heard of them before here’s a little history: they were found on Brittain’s got talent and pretty much blew everyone away!
2. The Kingndom Dance from Tangled
Hey, don’t laugh, but really, soundtracks are great (even if they are Disney ones) because they already have a story behind them. You just have to be careful not to get to close to the original story. I use soundtracks from Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean…you name it!
3. Ezio’s Family from Assassin’s Creed
I’m going to admit that I’m not a huge video game person but I have heard this song and love it. Video games are another great place to find those awesome soundtracks. I use this song for my really tragic scenes. I think it’s about when his family is dying so you can imagine it’s so bitter sweet! I love it! Songs from video games are actually great!
4.Nothing I Won’t Give by Vic Mignogna
This is almost cheating. When you have a song with words you just decide what kind of character is saying the words. Sometimes you can imagine a face by trying to match one to the voice. Maybe make one that would be surprising considering the voice. What is his/her personality? Judging from the song? Is this something your character would normally sing? If not, why is he/she singing it now? What happened right before the song? What happened right after? Poof! Story right there:)
5. Shine by Bond. 
Bond is like Escala. If you don’t already know them it’s time your should. Rock classical music…well, it rocks.
6. Thuderstruck played by David Garrett
Speaking of Rock classical music, yeah, that’s this to a T. David Garrett has a really cool story. He was prodigy and then became rebellious as a teen and quit playing violin. Turns out he really missed it so went for a quick audition with Juilliard and after getting in, he went on to break the world record for faster violin player with flight of the bumble bees. Long and short of the story is that he likes to make classical music for all people and it has a really cool edge to it!
7. Requiem for a tower. 
Pure epic. Try Escala’s version.

My style of photography:P

So I have the Mississippi river spreading out with the lights of the twin cities reflecting on it behind me. How could I not take pictures? There was this ledge and my brother was showing all the different ways to jump into a river:) Because what else do you do when you have a ledge and a river side by side? I finally got him in mid air (actually, most of the pictures that I take of him are when he’s in mid air and guess, what? He’s only got amnesia once from the fall!

Hey ya’ll:) Come check it out!

It’s still early enough to make a new years resolution! Right?… Well, I am making one of mine right now: I want to read and write more this year.


If that sounded like a third grader’s pledge…let me assure you it’s not. I’m determined to get a few good classics into my brain (I won’t just read them, I’m going to dissect and digest them!) I am also going to try to write, at least every day (and that includes blogging at least once a week:) Considering I’m going to be in an intense English class…this goal really shouldn’t be that hard. The hard part of my resolution is that I want to read and write outside of class. Phew!

I’ve been working on my stories for years but I have never actually started the whole submitting my work and I’ve decided that this is the year to start making dreams come true:) To be completely honest with myself, this is probably going to be the years of tears, trial, and error, but if you want to follow my happy-go-lucky crazy life, read post on book reviews and writing, and see random pretty pictures when I feel like a little photography, then please subscribe and enjoy!

So without further ado, I’m going to start writing:)